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Oil Based or Water Based Paint?

Oil Based or Water Based Paint?
  • Posted by: admin456
  • Date: 2015-02-17
  • In:  Deco

So, what is the best paint to use? I will say without a shadow of a doubt in terms of finish and durability that oil based paint is the best.
It grips better to the substrate and oil based paint is extremely durable and lest likely to chip, stain,and attract dirt. I use a lot of oil based eggshell paint for my kitchens. Why? Well, a kitchen does get a lot of use with the cupboard doors being open and shut, there is also the issue of grease.
Many water based paints just aren’t up to it in my opinion (except for Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint). I’ve actually seen water based acrylic eggshell reduced to a chewing gum consistency! However that was an extreme situation. Oil based paint flows out, and if prepared painted professionally with the right brushes or equipment, the results are stunning – and with no brush marks. Water based paints leave brush marks. There have been attempts to emulate the behaviour of oil based paints such as the Aquatech range from Dulux, Farrow and Ball have even tried to do this with their water based eco eggshells, but still do not have the durability and flow out properties of oil based. The best water based product I have used is Sikkens Satura Bl on woodwork(but not recommended on kitchen doors) which I must say gives the nicest finishes of all the rest, however beware of drips! This stuff can be difficult to apply and you have to keep an eye on it. On kitchen units and doors I recommend Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint being the toughest water based paint I have ever come across.
So, in the final analysis oil wins generally as from brand to brand they do not differ dramatically except in sheen. Little Greene Paint Company eggshell gives the lowest sheen and a more traditional look comparable to the sheen of the now discontinued Farrow and Ball oil eggshell.

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